Wednesday, 25 February 2009

And the first big-up goes to....

... the might Bruk Radio! Now these folks are more than deserving of a bit of promotion. The format is a radio show, with a sort of revolving team of different djs, that goes out from 11 am - 1pm each Saturday on Sub FM, broadcasting across London and Bristol. For those of you like myself who are outside the transmission zone, installments of the show are regularly posted up to download and sometimes to stream here: The thread has developed into a veritable archive of great music.
The show covers cutting edge music from across the hardcore continuum, along with classics from within its tradition plus the best in other currents of dance and electronic music that have fed into it. Musical flavours you can expect to here include dubstep, techno, garage, reggae, house and jungle. The tune selection on display is often nothing short of superb, there's a sort of beautiful logic to the way the tunes precede and follow each other. At its peak the show is educational in the best possible sense - dots are joined between different strands of music, highlighting shared elements and demonstrating patterns of influence. You can feel yourself taken on an effortless journey from music that you're familiar with to music that might be totally new to you. So next time it's on, do yourself the favour and tune in!

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